Preparing For An Open House

Keys to a new home.

An open house is an event that involves inviting the community and any interested buyers onto your property on a certain day. The benefits include the fact that prospective buyers can see your home and all it has to offer in person, which makes them more comfortable making an offer on the property, and that you can get a high number of viewers in a short amount of time. While it does take some work to prepare for an open house, it may be more convenient than scheduling constant individual viewings of the space. And a well-run open house just might result in you selling your home.

Common Steps To Preparing For An Open House

How you prepare for this event will depend on your home, your family and what Matt thinks is necessary to sell the home. For example, if you've already moved out of the space and it's not furnished, Matt may want to stage it with some items to make it more appealing to visitors. If you're still living in the space, then preparation may involve cleaning and rearranging some things to make the space look and feel as ideal as possible.

Some common preparations for selling your home at an open house include:

  • Conducting (or paying for) a thorough cleaning. This is more than a weekly spruce-up — you may want to go full spring clean, ensuring flooring and carpets are attended to, windows are all scrubbed and bathrooms are pristine
  • Picking up any clutter or excess items laying around, which can make a space feel unorganized or smaller than it is
  • Addressing minor aesthetic issues that are easy and inexpensive to handle, such as painting walls or touching up worn flooring
  • Staging areas for the open house, such as baking items to ensure the kitchen smells inviting

Working With An Experienced Real Estate Agent

As an Ann Arbor area agent with 30 years' experience, Matt knows exactly what the local market is looking for, and he can help you prepare for an open house. He may offer advice on repairs or other issues you need to make, and he'll be on-site to help you stage your home and set up for a successful open house. For more information on selling your home with Matt Dejanovich, contact us today.

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