Save Green Going Green: Upgrade Your Home's Sustainability

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Conscientious homeowners are proud to maintain their house and yard for functional and aesthetic purposes. Most homeowners also practice energy-saving habits, such as powering down electronics and turning off lights when not in use. However, when considering upgrades and renovations, it pays to think green as often as possible. When realtors list homes for sale, most find that green upgrades will have not only lowered monthly bills but also raised the value of a home.

Saving Energy

There are many options for incorporating green energy into a house. Homeowners might install solar panels, which greatly reduce dependence on carbon-powered electricity. Installing a programmable thermostat will help to prevent wasted energy while at work or asleep. Energy-efficient options also usually offer extra durability and protections. For example, flooring like cork is durable, low emissivity (Low-E) windows cut down on UV exposure, and insulation sealing windows and doors can prevent leakage of hot or cold air. Roofing that reflects heat rather than absorbing it, such as metal, allows one to keep his or her house cool with less energy.

Saving Water

Small steps such as installing low-flow toilets and shower heads and large-scale greywater systems reduce water and electricity use. Investing in high-efficiency and solar water heaters greatly reduces cost, keeping water hot longer than traditional water heaters. Believe it or not, simply maintaining the landscaping can help by protecting the foundation from erosion, filtering pollutants, blocking runoff from stormwater, and even cutting down on carbon monoxide emissions.

Before making any upgrades, it's also wise to get an energy audit from a professional in addition to your home inspection to be sure that all aspects of efficiency are addressed. Realtors with homes for sale often advertise such upgrades, which is a great way to get an idea of where a particular house stands in the local market.

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