The Art to Staging Your Home

living room set for staging

The home staging process involves strategically arranging furniture, decor and lighting to make your house look its best while it's on the market. This may involve several things, including a refresh of your belongings, more neutral-colored paint or renting temporary furniture and decor if you are not living in the house you're selling.

Pro Tip 1: Understand The Reasons For Home Staging

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently published a survey that found 49 percent of buyers' real estate agents believe staging affects a buyers' view of a home, and 77 percent of agents say staging makes it easier for people to visualize the home as their own. 

Pro Tip 2: Banish the Clutter

The most basic, no-brainer task when starting a home staging project is to get rid of the clutter and clean the house from top to bottom. Remove personal items from all surfaces — that includes family photos, personal decor and knick-knacks. And don't just stow them away in closets, since potential buyers usually look in them, and you want your house to appear as roomy as possible. Instead, box up personal items and place them in the attic in a neat stack, or if possible, store them off the property.

Pro Tip 3: Do a Deep Clean

Clean your house from top to bottom and make it shine. Open the windows to let in natural fresh air, which is much better than scented candles or room sprays. Also make sure to wash everything your pet touches, including bedding and furniture surfaces. You may want to consider hiring a professional cleaner if you're short on time.

Pro Tip 4: Concentrate on Lighting

Most of the time, home buyers want to see bright rooms, so open the blinds or shades and pull back curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Also check your light fixtures and make sure they look appealing and are dust-free. Some lamp shades may need updating if they look outdated.

Pro Tip 5: Focus On Home Staging For Important Rooms

If you don't have the time or the budget to fully stage your entire house, then focus on important rooms, including the living room, master bedroom and kitchen. 

Pro Tip 6: Furniture Fixes

To make your home appear more spacious, consider removing some furniture and just leaving the basics behind. If your home is vacant, then consider temporarily renting furniture to place in rooms.

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If you need assistance with home staging for selling your home or if you're in the market to buy a new one, contact Matt Dejanovich at Real Estate One Ann Arbor. He's a professional real estate agent who provides high-quality, personal service to home buyers and sellers in Ann Arbor. Call Matt at 734-476-7100 for real estate agent services today.

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