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a boy cleaning the floor for an open house - Matt Dejanovich An open house allows a homeowner and their real estate agent to show their home to a large audience of potential buyers with the hopes of receiving an offer. These tips will help homeowners prepare their property for a successful open house.

Improve Curb Appeal

The first thing potential buyers will see is the outside of the home, so homeowners should make the exterior more attractive. Planting some flowers, mowing the la

wn, and trimming the shrubs can make a world of difference. Adding a patio table and chairs to the backyard can make this space look more inviting and usable as well.

Reduce Clutter

Next, clutter should be removed from the inside of the home to allow prospective buyers to picture their own belongings in each space. Family photos, racy artwork, and political or religious items should be put away temporarily. Any decor that stays in the home should be neutral in order to appeal to the widest audience.

Make Small Repairs

The homeowner should next walk through the home with a critical eye, jotting down the biggest problem areas in order to prioritize what to fix or replace. It may not be feasible to address every issue, but spending a small amount of money to make improvements for the open house could mean the home spends less time on the market. All minor repairs should be made so potential buyers don’t see any issues. If the homeowner’s budget allows, replacing damaged carpet and making other major repairs can pay off. Rooms should be painted neutral colors to help other families envision themselves in the home, and light fixtures should be updated for a modern look. For more recommendations on improving the interior, homeowners should consult their real estate agent.

Allow Full Access

Every area of the home should be accessible to buyers. Even if the garage is being used to store the family’s belongings, buyers need access to every space before making an offer. The homeowner should store their belongings elsewhere in order to make every room as inviting as possible.

Leave Your House

On the day of the open house, the seller should not be present at the home. Buyers likely won’t feel comfortable expressing their opinion of the home when the seller is present. Resident pets should also be away for the day, with their litter boxes or food bowls hidden. For a few finishing touches, the homeowner should set out freshly cut flowers to add color to the home, adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and make sure the home is well-lit with all the curtains opened.

By following these tips, the homeowner and real estate agent can increase their odds of receiving an offer on the home after the open house.

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