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What a Realtor Should Do for You | Matthew Dejanovich, Realtor

Real estate regulations are complex, ever-changing and vary from state to state. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, experienced realtors should guide you through the entire process and keep your deal on track. They act as liaisons between buyers and sellers, protect their client’s interests, negotiate for the best deal and ensure your contract is in order and your closing goes through without a hitch.

Realtors Play the Go-Between

A realtor’s primary job is to act as the liaison between buyers and sellers. They have access to much more information than any typical buyer or seller will have. This includes the latest listings of homes for sale for buyers and a list of potential buyers looking for a home just like the one you have for sale. A realtor should put the right sellers and buyers together and be able to get the deal done.

Realtors Save You Time & Trouble

When you’re looking to buy a home, realtors track down homes that meet your criteria, which saves you time wading through hundreds of listings that don’t quite match. Then, they contact the sellers’ agents to make appointments for you to view the homes you like best, in your price range. All you should have to do is show up and pick the one you want.

As a seller, realtors receive all the calls from interested buyers, answer all their questions and determine how serious they are about purchasing your home. Then, they make appointments with qualified buyers and handle all these viewings for you. This keeps you from wasting time showing your home to buyers who’re just looking or rushing home for an appointment and the buyer never shows up.

The Price Is Right

Experienced realtors should help sellers choose an appropriate selling price. This price should match comparable sales in the area to get the best price for your property, while attracting a buyer quickly. As a buyer, your realtor should be able to tell you whether the price of the home you’ve got your eye on is at fair market value or way overpriced.

Leave Emotions Out of Negotiations

Once realtors bring a potential pair of sellers and buyers together, they should help with negotiations. Realtors are better at negotiating, because they can remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the deal. They keep sellers from getting overly emotional about letting go of a home full of memories and keep buyers from offending sellers by voicing their dislike of certain aspects of the home. Realtors should smooth things over in tough negotiations to keep things from getting too personal between the buyer and seller.

Ultimately, realtors should protect their clients’ interests without sabotaging the deal. They should find you the best deal, complete all the required paperwork and get you to closing with the lest amount of stress on you.

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