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A real estate transaction is often an unfamiliar process, especially for first-time buyers. Consumers can prepare for this type of transaction by learning as much as possible about the procedures involved. A real estate agent can offer invaluable assistance to eliminate the unknowns and help people proceed with confidence.


Before moving forward with any research or exploration, consumers need to know their price range. Contacting a lender for mortgage pre-approval is an excellent way to get these details. The pre-approval process involves submitting financial information to a lender for an in-depth credit evaluation. After examining income and debt details, the lender will give the buyer an amount they have approved for the mortgage. This gives the buyer their price range for house hunting.

Hire a Professional

A real estate agent is an effective partner in the process of finding and buying a home. The expertise and connections of the professional facilitate effective searching to find a property to purchase. Agents also have extensive experience with the entire transaction, including negotiations, contracts, and the closing.

Initial Research

Armed with a price range and an agent, a buyer can begin exploring houses on the market within the prescribed price range. Buyers need to furnish the professional with a comprehensive list of all amenities and features they need or want in a home. With this list, the representative will scour the market to present options to the client.

Showings and Tours

After eliminating homes that aren't a good fit, it's time to schedule showings to tour houses. The professional will assist with this process, touring properties with the buyer. As the showings continue, clients will eliminate more homes until they agree on one that they wish to purchase.

Making an Offer

The real estate agent will create a comprehensive offer to make on a selected property. After submitting the offer to the seller, the agent will also assist with any counter-offers that come back. Offers and counter-offers can exchange multiple times until both parties accept all terms and are ready to sign the document.

Terms and Conditions

Between the time of accepting an offer to the closing date, both parties will need to work to satisfy all terms and conditions. For buyers, they will likely need to schedule an inspection of the property. Title research will be another task to satisfy lender requirements. The experienced real estate agent can be of invaluable assistance with these tasks.


The final meeting to sign documents and transfer ownership closes the transaction. Having the real estate agent in attendance at this meeting can make the process easier for the buyer. This experienced professional understands the process and can assist with any last-minute issues.

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