Title Insurance, Who Needs It? – Matt Dejanovich - Real Estate One
02/08/2017 12:19 PM

Home Insurance - Ann Arbor, MI - Real Estate One Ann Arbor aka Matt Dejanovich

Investing in title insurance can save buyers and lenders from possible future headaches related to unforeseen contract disputes. Here is how it works and what it can cover.

How it Works

Title insurance works in reverse—it covers problems that occurred before you purchased a home rather than after an acquisition, including late discoveries. A buyer must obtain title insurance before the property transaction, and there is only a one-time payment. Refinancing may require a new policy—otherwise, it is for the life of the homeowner's loan.

Pros and Cons of Getting Ahead on Mortgage Payments - Ann Arbor MI - Real Estate One Matt Dejanovich
02/08/2017 11:46 AM

The premise behind prepaying a home mortgage is to pay off debt faster to avoid paying interest. Many people have a goal of paying off a mortgage before retirement, but it may be possible to pay it off even earlier.

Investment Comparison

By making larger initial payments to pay off a loan early, one can save money that would usually get funneled into interest. Once the mortgage is paid, the homeowner can then use those savings to invest wisely. Alternatively, instead of waiting to pay off a loan, homeowners can invest money that would go toward a portion of their loan into the stock market. This can be risky to do while still paying off a loan because there are no guarantees on returns with the stock market.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Real Estate Photos
09/19/2016 01:24 PM

Couple Standing In Front of Home For Sale Sign - Ann Arbor, MI - Real Estate One Ann Arbor aka Matt DejanovichEspecially in today's online world, real estate photos make the difference between potential buyers scrolling past a listing or clicking for more information. Just like modeling photos, even the most beautiful subject can look quite different depending on angle, lighting, equipment, and framing. Whether in print or online, homes for sale are put into a package, and it's important to consider the presentation. When discussing real estate photography with a realtor, these factors are imperative to highlight both the home’s strengths as well as the professionalism of the realtor or agency.

Upgrade Your Home's Sustainability – Matt Dejanovich - Real Estate One
09/19/2016 01:06 PM

Couple with Floorplans - Ann Arbor, MI - Real Estate One Ann Arbor Matt Dejanovich


Conscientious homeowners are proud to maintain their house and yard for functional and aesthetic purposes. Most homeowners also practice energy-saving habits, such as powering down electronics and turning off lights when not in use. However, when considering upgrades and renovations, it pays to think green as often as possible. When realtors list homes for sale, most find that green upgrades will have not only lowered monthly bills but also raised the value of a home.

Remodeling Benefits for Both Homeowners and Buyers – Matt Dejanovich - Real Estate One
08/18/2016 05:51 PM

Couple Painting - Ann Arbor, MI - Real Estate One Ann Arbor Matt DejanovichWhen selling your home, you want it to look as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. Many people opt to perform specific remodeling projects to ensure that their residence has features that will motivate buyers to make an offer. Even if you plan to stay in your house for any length of time, you can enjoy a number of benefits by performing some renovation work to the interior or exterior of the house.

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