Selling A Home With Matt Dejanovich, Realtor

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Whether you're looking to move on up or want to downsize, Matt Djanovich can help you sell your existing home as quickly as possible without sacrificing on the price. Matt has three decades of experience serving both potential homeowners and existing homeowners in the area surrounding Ann Arbor, MI, which means he knows the market and understands how it fluctuates. That puts him in a position to offer sound advice on how and when to list your home for sale to ensure the most satisfactory outcome.

Selling A Home With Matt

As a real estate agent, Matt offers a number of benefits to homeowners. First, he helps you understand exactly where you stand when it comes to selling a home. He can provide an expert opinion on the current market in the area and how that may impact the sale price. Then, he can help you prepare your home for the most successful sales process. That might include working alongside you to ensure the home is property staged or upgraded to ensure the fastest sale at the best possible price.

When you're ready, Matt will list your home, ensuring pricing, photography and descriptions are all accurate and display your property in the best possible light. He'll work to market your home to potential buyers, and when the right match is made, Matt works on your behalf to negotiate a sales price that works for your goals and needs.

Matt's Promise To Home Sellers

Matt is a leading real estate agent in the area, and he makes a commitment to answer every call and return your calls as soon as possible. That means he keeps homeowners up-to-date about the process of selling their property, so you're never left wondering what the next step will be.

Contact Matt Today

Contact Matt online or call 734-476-7100 to schedule a consultation about selling your home. You can also read more about Matt's accomplishments and why so many area home sellers trust him before making a decision to work with a real estate agent with a proven track record and a commitment to excellence.

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